Welcome to Touchwise

Your Smart Home Solution

We turn the average house into the 21st century future Smart Home. With our fingers on the pulse of future technological advancements, we keep you updated with new developments and improvements in Smart Home Automation. 

Touchwise is founded out of passion for automation and security, built on integrity and commitment to excellence. Touchwise specialises in The Internet of Things (IoT), and bringing the home into the 21st century.

Home Automation

A home that knows what to do when you leave, or return, and what to do when you don’t return, all without your intervention.


Smart Security

Now you are in control, with live stream cameras you will no longer be in danger of arriving home and a stranger is there without your knowledge.

Temperature Monitoring

Save time and money by automating manual procedures.




Why a Smart Home?
  • Reduced energy bill
  • Increased Security